General information and disclaimer

The software downloadable from this site is FREEWARE. You can use it on your own risk. The author (me) is not responsible for any consequences, even the unexpected ones, appearing as a result of using whatever software here. I do not provide any kind of support regarding this software; however, if you feel like you got something to tell me, do not hesitate and write me an e-mail.

Image manipulation tools


A simple tool that rotates (using the lossless JPEG transformation) photos (JPG files) in current folder from digital cameras according to the information stored in the image files.

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A tool similar to Imagerotater – it sorts all the images (JPEG) in current folder in the ascending order by the date each image was taken.


! Games !

Keen again

My programming assignment from C programming courses. A DOS game with the well-known Keen Commander and one level featuring various enemies. The enemies' behavior is controlled via Scheme scripts.

J2ME – Applications for mobile phones


NotepadME is a notepad application for storing and displaying short notes on a mobile phone. It supports UTF-16 encoding, i.e., also the czech characters. It is useful on phones not featuring their own notepad application.


Stuff that does not fit anywhere else...


A simple command line spellchecker with a check dictionary and some Latex support.

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A tool for balancing the chemical equations or whatever is the right English term for it :-)...

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Did you know this: ? GuiTxtPlayer is a simple application for playing such "movies".

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A Windows spam filter. Standalone version that can be used with any e-mail client using POP3 protocols. This is actually the result of my master thesis.

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A simple basic interpreter with a snake-like sample application.

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Czech/English dictionaries for Firefox

Search plugins for Czech-to-English and vice versa translation through


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Duplex print for MS Office 2007

Duplex printing in MS Office 2003 and 2007 is rather a problem (see if you have single side printing set as default. This is a simple VBA macro for duplex printing in MS Word 2007 (might work also in other parts of Office and other versions as well, I have not tested it). It is able to print either one or two pages per sheet using the default printer, while all the other printing properties are used from the current printer settings. The macro code is based on the code published on