PapaBench is a benchmark based on Paparazzi project providing a free implementation of autopilot for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). This project provides an implementation of PapaBench benchmark in plain Java, Safety-Critical Java (SCJ) and Real-time Java (RTSJ).The purpose of the implementation is to provide non-trivial SCJ/RTSJ application based on real-world scenario. Further information and source code is published at the project page.

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SOFASOFA component system

SOFA is a component system employing hierarchically composed components for designing and implementing various applications. It provides advanced features like ADL-based design, behavior specification using behavior protocols, automatically generated connectors supporting seamless and transparent distribution of applications, or distributed runtime environment with dynamic update of components. SOFA implementation offers a variety of support tools including a graphical designer or management console built on the top of the Eclipse platform.

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ConGen (Connector Generator) project is a part of SOFA projects responsible for automatic and transparent preparation of software connectors.

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DSL debugger

Contemporary software development trends focus on adopting model-driven methods for software production which allow to mitigate required effort. With increasing use of various domain-specific languages (DSLs) to describe models, the demand of suitable DSL tools appears. Mature tools for DSL grammar definition and transformation already exist and they are often adopted by industry. However, one of tools which is identified as crucial and still missing is a DSL debugger, which would permit observing and changing the model state during its execution and hence improve the development process of models.

Therefore, the primary objective of this project is to provide a suitable DSL debugging techniques and identify major concepts to build a DSL debugger. Further, it proposes possible extensions to automatize the process of DSL debugger preparation based on a grammar definition and associated model-to-text transformations.

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Q-ImPrESSQ-ImPrESS FP7 European Project

The Q-ImPrESS project aims to bring service orientation to critical application domains, such as industrial production control, telecommunication and critical enterprise applications, where guaranteed end-to-end quality of service is particularly important. A more detailed project description can be found here.

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