Refereed publications

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Nonrefereed publications

PDF Malohlava M., Hnětynka P., Bureš T.: SOFA 2 Component Framework and Its Ecosystem,
Extended abstract of the tutorial, To Appear in Post-conference Proceedings of FESCA 2012, 2012

PDF Ales Plsek, Frederic Loiret, Malohlava, M., Philippe Merle, Lionel Seinturier: A Component Framework for Java-based Real-time Embedded Systems. OW2 Annual Conference 2009: Fractal Poster Session, Paris, April 2009.

PhD thesis

Malohlava M.: Variability of Execution Environments for Component-based Systems PhD thesis
PhD thesis, advisor: Tomas Bures, Department of Distributed and Dependable Systems, Charles University in Prague, June 2012.

Reuse is considered as one of the most crucial software engineering concerns.It allows for delivering software systems faster with less effort. Therefore, the thesis explores limits of reuse in the context of component systems. It analyzes in depth contemporary component systems, finds their commonalities and variation points, and introduces a meta-component system — a software product line which allows for producing a tailored component system based on a set of requirements.

The thesis addresses the meta-component system definition and focuses on its crucial aspects which play the key role in component systems preparation – (1) a configurable execution environment and (2) generation of implementation artifacts. To address the first aspect, the thesis proposes a model-driven method for creating configurable execution environments. Motivated by creating execution environments, the thesis contributes to (2) by introducing a notion of domain-specific languages interoperability in the context of the code generation. Furthermore, the thesis elaborates the proposed notion resulting into a family of interoperable domain-specific languages which is parametrized by a general purpose language.

Master thesis

Malohlava M.: Using StrategoXT for Generation of Software Connectors Master thesis
Master thesis, advisor: Tomas Bures, Charles University in Prague, Jan 2007.

Software connectors are used in component based systems as a special entities modeling and realizing component interactions. Besides this behavior, connectors can provide extra functionality and benefits (e.g. logging, adaptation, monitoring). This approach requires generation of connector code with respect to requirements of components, a target environment and features specified at the design stage.
In this thesis we show how to extend the existing connector generator [33] by the Stratego/XT transformation engine, which includes a language for implementing program transformations and a collection of transformation tools. We use the toolset to realize a simple method of defining connector implementation, which is use as a template for a process of generation source code.