LaTex Diff, LaTex to text and todonotes

Some usefull LaTex tools and tips.

LaTex to text

Shell wrapped sed script, turns latex sources to a text format so you can use other tools (as a MS Word for a language proofing)

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  • Non-breakable (unbreakable) space automated fix (for english texts)

    Shell wrapped sed script, fix common inconsistency in breakable and unbreakable spaces (before \cite, \ref, after short prepositions or conjuctions)

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  • LaTex Diff

    Not my and little buggy perl script to generate a diff between two documents if you a have a source file (I m using it to compare different versions of documents). The sencond file is shell script to merge multiple source files (using \input sequence) to one (latexdiff works only with two complete compared sources)

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  • Todo Notes

    Package that can help with todos in source code.

  • Files: [ todonotes.sty ]
  • Font error fix

    Maybe you know LaTex warnings similar to the following one:

    Font shape 'U/msa/mm/n' in size <8.5> not available(Font) <8> substituted on input line 136.

    They are harmless, but they hide time to time more serious issues. If you want to get rigd of them, use following code after \documentclass