Jakub Daniel

PhD Student
E-mail: daniel@d3s.mff.cuni.cz
Office: room 309, 3rd floor
Jakub Daniel photo



  1. J. Daniel, A. Cimatti, A. Griggio, S. Tonetta, and S. Mover. Infinite-state liveness-to-safety via implicit abstraction and well-founded relations. In Proceedings of CAV 2016, Springer, Jul 2016
  2. J. Daniel and P. Parízek. PANDA: Simultaneous Predicate Abstraction and Concrete Execution. In Proceedings of HVC 2015, Springer, Nov 2015
  3. J. Daniel and P. Parízek. Predicate Abstraction in Program Verification: Survey and Current Trends. In Proceedings of ICCSW 2014, OASIcs, Sept 2014
  4. J. Daniel, P. Parízek, and C. Păsăreanu. Predicate Abstraction in Java Pathfinder. In Proceedings of JPFW 2013, ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, Nov 2013




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