Procasor Environment: Interactive Environment for Requirement Specification


The goal of the Procasor Environment project is to develop an interactive environment for writing requirement specifications, where formal behavior specifications are created in paralel with textual use cases. Building upon the transformation proposed in [Mencl04WITSE] and implemented in the original prototype Procasor tool, the interactive environment will employ natural language processing tools to derive behavior specifications from textual use cases.


The Procasor Environment project is a student Software Project at the Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University. The project specification was approved and the project started on Nov 25, 2004. The project has been successfully defended in September 2005. You may obtain the defended Procasor Environment distribution in the Downloads section.


The project is supervised by Vladimir Mencl. The students participating in the project are:
  • Jan Franc¨
  • Ji├Ş├ş Ondru┬╣ek
  • Michal Fiedler
  • Ale┬╣ Pl┬╣ek
Procasor Team photo
(A team photo documenting one of our meetings.)


The Procasor Environment project has been successfully defended in September 2005, and the defended version (with subsequent amendments) is available for download under the terms of the Procasor Research License, provided in Appendix D of the User Documentation. The released version consists of:

Data samples

The distribution made available in the Downloads section includes as an example a fully-fledged project Marketplace, based on the use cases used throughout the lifespan of the Procasor project and originally published in the technical report ``Use Cases: Assembling "Whole Picture" Behavior''.

Related Work

Please see the related work in the project specification, on the page dedicated to the original Procasor prototype tool and our list of related work on Requirement specifications and use cases.

Implementation notes & related links

Related Publications

The following publications authored by the members of the Distributed Systems Research Group are related to the Procasor project, and serve as a basis for the Procasor Environment project.