Master's thesis proposal: UML 2.0 Components

Advisor: Vladimir Mencl
Student: Matěj Polák

The emerging standard UML 2.0 [1] provides constructs for modeling software components, based on abstractions already known in component models developed in academic research (Wright, Darwin, SOFA). The introduction of components into UML 2.0 provides an opportunity to bridge these two worlds and integrate support for modeling hierarchical (nested) components with communication encapsulated in provided and required interfaces into mainstream UML tools.

The goal of the thesis is to analyze the UML 2.0 standard and to determine the best way to utilize the newly provided constructs to support modeling architecture of applications developed in component-based systems.

The thesis should include a UML 2.0 profile for several component-based systems (Fractal, SOFA). A prototype implementation should be developed as a plug-in for an existing UML tool (such as Together ControlCenter or Rational Rose).


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[2] Bruneton, E. Coupaye, T., Stefani, J.B.: The Fractal Component Model, Draft 2.0-3, February 5, 2004,

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