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Fri Jul 2 18:16:14 CEST 2004

Hezky den vsem,

v tydnu 12.7. -- 16.7. bude v CR Alex Potanin, PhD student kmenove z Noveho Zelandu, ale spolupracujici na projektech s Janem Vitkem z Purdue University, USA. Zabyva se problematikou
object ownership/aliasing. Pozadal me, abych mu ukazal MFF a pri teto prilezitosti by mohl pohovorit o sve praci na seminari. Abstrakt a blizsi informace lze najit nize v prilozenem textu jeho e-mailu.

Pokud byste meli o jeho talk zajem, dejte mi prosim co nejdrive vedet datum a hodinu, abych mu to mohl sdelit.

                                                       -- T.OP.

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Hi Tomas,

About my research. I guess it is related to component systems because it
provides a way to deal with aliasing problems. This is encapsulation, which is
essential in component systems, I would guess... :-) Another aspect of my
research is heap and object graph analysis of programs - that can also be
relevant since it shows various interesting properties of object graph
structure, including them being scale-free.

Here is a brief description/abstract of the kind of talk I can give, to try and
explain what I do. Basically, I am trying to devise a practical way of adding
ownership/aliasing control to existing programming languages. I can also give an
alternative talk on object graph analysis. :-)

"Modern programming languages provide little support for object encapsulation
and ownership. Escaped aliases to private objects can compromise both security
and reliability of code in reference-abundant languages such as Java. Object
ownership is a widely accepted approach to controlling aliasing in programming
languages. Proposals for adding ownership to programming languages do not
directly support type genericity. We propose Generic Ownership - a unified
approach to providing generics and ownership. By including support for default
ownership, Generic Ownership imposes no more syntactic or runtime overheads than
traditional generic types. We have implemented Generic Ownership in the context
of the Ownership Generic Java (OGJ) programming language, an extension to
Generic Java, and we ground the formal side of this work within the
Featherweight Generic Java framework. We hope that our work will help bring full
support for object encapsulation to the mainstream programming world."


Alex Potanin
PhD Student

Office: +64 (4) 463 5302
Mobile: +64 (21) 737 654

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