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Vladimir Mencl mencl at nenya.ms.mff.cuni.cz
Thu Nov 11 17:50:41 CET 2004

K jiz nabidnutym tematum pridavam jeste jedno velmi zajimave tema:

An Extensible Type System for Component-Based Design
Yuhong Xiong

Ph.D. thesis, Technical Memorandum UCB/ERL M02/13
Electronics Research Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, 2002.


Cituji z abstraktu:


To describe the dynamic behavior of components and perform compatibility
check, we extend the concepts of conventional type system to behavioral
level and capture the dynamic interaction between components, such as
the communication protocols the components use to pass messages. In our
system, the interaction types and the dynamic behavior of components are
defined using a light-weight formalism, interface automata. Type
checking, which checks the compatibility of a component with a certain
interaction type, is conducted through automata composition. Our system
is polymorphic in that a component may be compatible with more than one
interaction types. We show that a subtyping relation exists among
various interaction types and this relation can be described using a
partial order. This behavioral type order provides significant insight
into the relation among the interaction types. It can be used to
facilitate the design of polymorphic components and simplify type
checking. In addition to static type checking, we also propose to extend
the use of interface automata to the on-line reflection of component
states and to run-time type checking. We illustrate our framework using
the Ptolemy II environment, and discuss the trade-offs in the design of
behavioral type system.

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Vlada Mencl

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