invited talk: Zdenko Stanicek (special seminar)

Vladimir Mencl mencl at
Wed Sep 1 15:17:31 CEST 2004

Znovu zdravim vsechny, s oznamenim jeste jednoho mimoradneho seminare. 

Dr. Zdenko Stanicek (taktez oponent me disertace) prednese v patek 3.9.
v 9:00 v ucebne M2 prednasku na tema 

UIR - Universal Information Robot (a new paradigm for IT applications?)


The development of rule and model based systems has currently become a
hot topic of Information Technology. Such a framework makes it possible
to create extremely flexible information systems. A model of a business
domain plays a crucial role; having an adequate model, behavior of
the system does not have to be ``hardwired'' in a program code, but it
is flexibly given by an interpretation of the model. Hence we need an
expressive apparatus for defining conceptual models, including ontologies
of business domains controlled by exactly specified rules. In this paper
we present the Diamond Modeling Tool (DMT) for knowledge management. An
extension of DMT - the eTrium technology, which can be characterized as
a new architecture of IS development, is introduced.

Vsechny na prednasku zvu. A pripominam, ze zcela mimoradne se seminar
kona v ucebne M2, v budove Ke Karlovu 3 - kratce po prednasce bude od 11:00 
obhajoba me disertace (na "obvyklem miste" v mistnosti c. 105)

S pozdravem,
Vladimir Mencl

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