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rad bych upozornil, ze tento tyden probehnou nasledujici dva seminare:

    * Utery 09/13/05, 14:00
          o *Petr Hnetynka*: /_Making Deployment of Distributed
            Component-based Software Unified_/
            This thesis presents Deployment Factory, a model-driven
            unified environment for deploying distributed
            component-based applications. While there are projects
            aiming at developing a unified deployment environment for
            component-based applications, none of them is generic enough
            z. they do not support heterogeneous applications, they are
            targeted for a single component technology and/or impose
            modifications of the underlying technologies. The Deployment
            Factory via its generic features targets all these issues.
            The Deployment Factory is based on (i) the OMG Deployment
            and Configuration of Component-based Distributed
            Applications Specification, (ii) an analysis of contemporary
            used component technologies, and (iii) our experience from
            component-based development. Moreover, the thesis also shows
            that a plain MDA approach (the one used in the OMG
            Deployment and Configuration specification) for building
            real systems is not always appropriate. The Deployment
            Factory is built using a plugin concept and facilitates
            deployment of components of most of the contemporary
            component technologies without the necessity to modify them.

    * Streda 09/14/05, *14:00*
          o *Matthias Hauswirth*, Assistant Professor, Faculty of
            Informatics, University of Lugano (USI), Switzerland:
            /_Infrastructure for automation of vertical profiling_/
            Vertical profiling is a methodology for understanding the
            performance of modern computer systems. The key insight
            behind this methodology is that modern programs run on top
            of many layers (virtual machine, middleware, etc) and thus
            we need to collect and combine information from all layers
            in order to understand system performance. Although the
            basic vertical profiling methodology is able to explain
            previously unexplained performance phenomena, it is
            extremely labor intensive. In this talk we give a brief
            overview of vertical profiling and then describe and
            evaluate techniques for automating two significant
            activities of the vertical profiling approach: trace
            alignment and correlation. Trace alignment aligns traces
            obtained from separate runs so that one can reason across
            the traces. We are not aware of any prior approach that
            effectively and automatically aligns traces. Correlation
            sifts through hundreds of metrics to find ones that have a
            bearing on a performance anomaly of interest. In prior work
            we found that statistical correlation was only sometimes
            effective. We have identified highly-effective approaches
            for both activities. For aligning traces we explore dynamic
            time warping, and for correlation we explore eight
            correlators based on statistical correlation, distance
            measures, and piecewise linear segmentation. Although we
            explore these activities in the context of vertical
            profiling, both activities are widely applicable in the
            performance analysis area.

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