Next seminar: February 2nd (Thursday) at 14:00 in S7

Martin Decky decky at
Wed Jan 18 11:42:26 CET 2012

Dear all,

I would like to invite you to the next D3S seminar, which is going to 
take place in a non-standard time:

February 2nd 2012 (Thursday) at 14:00 is S7

This is because our speaker, Norman Feske from Genode Labs, Dresden, 
will stop in Prague on his journey to FOSDEM 2012, where a microkernel 
devroom will be organized by the HelenOS team on February 4th:

As for Norman's talk at our seminar, he will not only focus on the 
OS-related stuff, but also on the challenges involved in running a 
start-up company based on a long history of an academic project (namely 
L4). I believe this might be interesting even if you don't particularly 
care about OSes and compensate for the unusual schedule :)

Norman Feske -- Short bio
Norman is one of the founders and architects of the Genode project. In
2008, he co-founded Genode Labs -- a company with the mission to
transform this OS technology from an once obscure research project to a
next-generation main-stream OS.

Norman Feske -- Talk abstract
Today's operating systems try to find a balance between seemingly 
conflicting goals. Ease of use is traded against security, resource 
utilization is traded against resource accountability, and system 
complexity is traded against scalability. For example, SELinux is ill 
famed as hard to use and consequently remains widely unused. As another 
example, isolation kernels minimize the complexity of critical system 
software but at the cost of limiting these solutions to static applications.

The Genode OS architecture shows how these apparently inherent conflicts 
can be solved by operating-system design. By combining a recursive 
system structure with capability-based security, mandatory access 
control becomes easy to deploy. At the same time, the trusted computing 
base can be minimized for each application individually such that the 
attack surface for security-critical system functions gets reduced by 
orders of magnitude compared to existing approaches. Furthermore, a 
concept for trading physical resources among processes allows for 
dynamic workloads while maintaining quality of service. That is not just 
theory - the system is ready for demonstration.

Norman Feske will briefly present the roots and mission of Genode Labs, 
the company founded to support and drive the Genode OS technology. The 
main part of the talk will be focused on the OS architecture, give a 
glimpse at the implementation via live demonstrations, and outline the 
future road map.


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