Experiments in performance evaluation involve much technical work that must cope with increasingly complex software and hardware stacks to deliver correct results. We publish reusable elements of our experiments to reduce redundant work and help avoid experimental errors.

Measurement Methodology

Our research contributions to measurement methodology begun with our CORBA benchmarking experiments [7] [8] [9]. A summary of technical obstacles to correct benchmarking, illustrated in the context of CORBA but easily generalized, is available in [10].

Seeing that many experimental issues persist across multiple projects and platforms, we have also created a compact summary of technical obstacles to benchmarking Java, presented as a tutorial during ICPE 2015 [5]. We also provide slides and handouts.

We also investigated overhead of dynamic monitoring in Java [6]. We were able to formulate practical rules how to configure dynamic performance monitoring for collection of reliable data (in terms of precision). Our experimental data set is freely available.


Tool Link Description
Java Microbenchmark Agent Project Page, Source Repository A compact JVMTI agent that can provide microbenchmarks with information on major JVM events, hardware performance counters and time.

Experiment Randomization

On contemporary platforms, many factors that impact the observed performance are determined long before the measurement itself. These include obvious factors such as compiler configuration relevant to optimization, but also factors that are difficult to both observe and control, such as choice of physical memory pages or disk blocks. We show that this effect can influence measurement results significantly and propose more robust methods of processing the measurements [1] [2] [3]. We also show that effects of memory allocation, which have attracted considerable attention later, can be made more predictable by controlling the allocation policies [4].


Lubomír Bulej lubomir.bulej<at-sign>d3s.mff.cuni.cz
Vojtěch Horký vojtech.horky<at-sign>d3s.mff.cuni.cz
Petr Tůma petr.tuma<at-sign>d3s.mff.cuni.cz


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