The development of modern compilers and programming language runtimes relies on empirical measurements to assess application performance. These measurements require benchmark suites that are reasonably compact but also represent practical applications. One such suite is Renaissance.

Renaissance is in constant development and provides many contribution opportunities:

Extending the suite with benchmarks in other languages

Java Virtual Machine can execute a spectrum of languages supported by modern dynamic compilers (C, R, JS, Ruby and so on). Renaissance currently only supports Java and Scala, this task should extend the build system and include more workloads.

Medium size project for people who like coding in diverse environments, knowledge of Java, Scala build system, and build systems in general is useful.

Extending set of existing workloads with AI-based workload

The most important aspect of Renaissance suite is that it provides a diverse set of workloads. In this task, we would like to extend the suite with a new workload from the world of artificial intelligence. The workload must be a reasonably isolated representative of a typical AI task.

Small to medium size project for people interested in both AI and performance engineering. Knowledge of Java, Scala, and AI frameworks is useful.

Augmenting the existing workloads with validation

In the context of compiler development, execution correctness is not necessarily guaranteed. To detect incorrect compiler or runtime behavior, some workloads in Renaissance validate their own results. This task should extend validation to all existing Renaissance workloads.

Small to medium size project for people who like coding in diverse environments, knowledge of Java, Scala, and frameworks such as Spark is useful.

Analyzing the workload coverage

It is essential that the benchmark workloads are diverse enough to approximate many applications, but also compact enough to execute in relatively short time. This task should come up with ways to analyze the coverage of the compiler or runtime by the benchmark.

A medium to large size project for people who enjoy open research topics, knowledge of compilers and general working of computers is useful.