Developing Applications for Mobile Devices (NPRG056)

Program analysis
Time and Location: Winter Semester 2018/2019
Lectures: Fri 10:40 - 13:50 SU1
(even weeks only)
Winter Term: 0/2 Z
Lecturers: Lukáš Prokop
Tomáš Kypta
Felix Javier Acero Salazar
Information in SIS: NPRG056


  • The slides from the lectures can be found here.
  • A topic for your project: CophiPoint.
  • A topic for your project: RaRSp.

Lectures and Slides

DateTopicSlides, Screencasts
12.10.2018 Félix J. Acero: iOS 01-ios1.mp4 | 01-ios2.mp4 | 01-ios3.mp4
26.10.2018 Lukáš Prokop: Android 1 02-android1.mp4 | 02-android2.mp4
09.11.2018 Lukáš Prokop: Android 2 03-android1.mp4 | 03-android2.mp4
23.11.2018 Lukáš Prokop: Android 3 04-android1.mp4 | 04-android2.mp4
07.12.2018 Lukáš Prokop: Android 4 05-android.mp4

Important dates and deadlines



The goal of the course is to provide an overview of basic concepts and current trends in mobile application development. The architecture and development principles of the leading mobile platform – Android. Introduction of the other relevant platforms (Apple iOS – iPhone/iPad and Microsoft Windows Phone) will be done in case of interest. The course will take the from of a tutorial, where the concepts will be presented using real mobile apps. Students will work in small teams on a project to get a real experience with the selected platforms during the semester.

Instructions for students

Preferably, bring you own laptop for the lectures. You should install (and make sure it runs) the following software on it:

  • Java 8
  • Android SDK
    • including platforms Android 7, Android 6, and Android 5.1
    • including emulators for those platfroms (preferably the x86 architecture)
    • most recent Tools, Build-tools, Platform-tools
    • Extras: Gogle Play services, Google Repository, Android Support Library, Android Support Repository
  • Android Studio – most recent version (2.2)
  • Git


  • Randolph N., Fairbairn C.: Professional Windows Phone 7 Application Development, Wrox, 2010
  • Meier R.: Professional Android 2 Application Development, Wrox, 2010
  • Conway J., Hillegass A.: iPhone Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, Addison-Wesley Professional, Addison-Wesley Professional, 2010
  • Hashimi S., Komatineni S., Dave MacLean D.: Pro Android 2, Apress, 2010
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