Semester: winter 2019/20
Lectures: Monday, 17:20, S4 (Vojtěch Aschenbrenner, Leo Galamboš)
  Wednesday, 15:40, SU2 (Vojtěch Aschenbrenner)
  Thursday, 9:00, SU2 (Vojtěch Aschenbrenner)
Page in SIS: NSWI106
Grading: Graded credit


This course is intended to provide the student with an understanding of the fundamental concepts and tools necessary to administer Linux infrastructure for development and testing and for running the core network services. The course targets the mainstream distribution RHEL/CentOS, resp. Fedora. The following topics will be covered: installation and management of several daemons (cron, bind, sendmail/postfix, nfs, nginx, payara, etc.), configuration of firewalls and NAT. The knowledge of the following topics is expected: Linux at the user level, networks, relevant application protocols.



The purpose of the lab is to provide students with a hand-on experience with Linux operating systems.

Details are located on a separate page:


Date Title Downloads
First half of the semester Slides (obsolete); Lectured by Leo Galamboš PDF slides
Second half of the semester Agenda listed at; Lectured by Vojtech Aschenbrenner.


The final grade is based on the number of points gained from solving lab assignments. The lab assignments are limited to the topics mentioned during the lectures. It requires systematic work throughout the whole semester, so it rules out any retakes.