Analysis of Overhead in Dynamic Java Performance Monitoring

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Type Version Link Description
Dynamic monitoring framework 2015-07-29 Git Sources of Java framework for dynamic (run-time) instrumentation.*
Static instrumentation 2015-10-13 Sources (TAR.GZ, 1.6M) Scripts and sources for static instrumentation of all methods; C-agent for collection of data from static probes; simplified version of the dynamic instrumentation used in the paper.*
Data from SPECjbb2015 2015-10-20 Data subset Subset of raw data referenced from the paper. The data are hosted on and we have uploaded data from 5 restarts (out of more than 40) that alone have over 20GB when compressed (we have over 1TB of raw data from all runs).*
Slides 2016-03-16 PDF Slides presented at ICPE'16

* All data are available under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, code licensing is package-specific.

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