UML 2.0 Components

Master thesis

Advisor: VladimÝr Mencl
Author: Matej Polák


The Unified Modeling Language - UML Version 2.0 [4][5][6] provides constructs for modeling software components.

The main goal of this thesis is to analyze the UML 2.0 component model. In order to demonstrate its possible use as well as its restrictions, we provide a mapping of UML 2.0 to the SOFA [2][7][8][9] and Fractal [11] component models. In these mappings, we elaborate various problems arising from differences between UML 2.0 modeling constructs and the SOFA and Fractal component models, respectively. In the mappings, the key aim was to utilize the available UML 2.0 constructs for designing components.

The mappings proposed in this thesis have been implemented in a plugin for the UML tool Enterprise Architect [10]. This plugin allows to generate SOFA and Fractal source code from a UML model. The selection of the UML tool was based on an analysis of available UML CASE tools, with focus on support for UML 2.0 component modeling constructs. The plugin developed for Enterprise Architect is included in the electronic appendix of the thesis and is available for download below.

Current Status

The thesis has been successfully defended on Sep 20, 2005, and is now publicly accessible and available for download.


Resources available for download:


You may also wish to access the original thesis proposal.


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