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Jan Kofron jan.kofron at
Tue Oct 4 09:24:29 CEST 2016

Dear all,

Let me invite you to the seminar of Dept. of Software Engineering, which
takes place today at 14:00 in S8. Since the topic is highly related to
research of our IoT/sCPS group, I believe that some of you might find it
interesting. The title and abstract are attached below.

Have a nice rainy day!


Kien A. Hua (Department of Computer Science, University of Central Florida)

Surging Demand for Internet Bandwidth: Challenges and Opportunities

Multimedia computing and communications are core technologies for many
important applications, including the Internet of Things (IoT), 
cyber-physical systems, intelligent transportation systems, 
computer-aided medical image diagnosis, social media, and entertainment, 
to name a few. In particular, multimedia applications are known to be 
data intensive; as such, efficient data transport and delivery 
mechanisms to move multimedia content through networks such as the 
Internet are active areas of research. In this talk some pioneering 
works that provided early solutions for video-on-demand applications 
that inspired subsequent research are presented, followed with 
discussion about new
challenges and emerging solutions. In particular, a new concept in
network communications - traffic deduplication - is introduced. It 
addresses increasing stress on the Internet due to the surge of video
streaming traffic. Emerging IoT applications, projected to exceed over
28 billion connected devices such as cameras and sensors, by the year 
2020 pose another great challenge. While cloud computing has 
successfully supported many big data applications at data centers, it is
ineffective for IoT applications that deal with entirely different kinds 
of big data. To overcome this new challenge, edge computing is
emerging as an effective solution, in which small computing facilities,
such as small data centers, are placed at the edge of the Internet in 
close proximity to the Internet of Things. This Internet computation
paradigm runs counter to the theme of consolidation and massive data
centers that has dominated the discourse on cloud computing. ThingStore, 
presented in this talk, is an IoT applications development and 
deployment platform based on the edge computing strategy. While an IoT 
environment fusing human and machine intelligence opens a host of new 
opportunities, the human teams may be overwhelmed trying to keep up with 
the real-time information. This calls for more effective communication 
and collaboration management tools in order for the human teams to deal 
with information overload in realtime decision making. Tabletop, a 
multimedia conferencing system presented in this talk, is one such 
environment to support teamwork in an IoT environment.

Prof. Kien A. Hua is a Pegasus Professor and Director of the Data 
Systems Lab at the University of Central Florida, U.S.A. He was the 
Associate Dean for Research of the College of Engineering and Computer
Science at UCF. Prior to joining the university, he was a Lead Architect 
at IBM Mid-Hudson Laboratory, where he led a team of senior engineers to 
develop a highly parallel computer system, the precursor to
the highly successful commercial parallel computer known as SP2. 
Currently, Prof. Hua is also serving as a domain expert on spaceport 
technology at NASA.

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