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Dear all,

This talk might be very interesting for some of you, please note the
extraordinary time - Monday, October 17, 17:20 – 19:20, in S9.


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Microsoft Tech Talk: A Hundred Petabytes of Storage, Saved

Building an Exabyte sized storage platform that has web scale
performance, availability, and reliability is loads of fun, but pretty
tough to do; finding how to build one that has industry leading storage
costs is downright hard. This talk will delve into how the Hotmail team
instrumented their storage stack to determine how and when data could be
de-duplicated. We’ll go one step further by going over the
de-duplication logic developed, how we ensure data won’t be lost, and
how it runs at the internet scale we needed. You’ll get to see real
code, understand more about the Microsoft cloud architecture, and go
behind the scenes on how our development process works.

Speaker: Principal Group Program Manager for OneDrive – John Rodrigues
was born and raised in California, near San Francisco. He attended
college at the University of California where he received his
undergraduate degree in 2002. Shortly after graduating, he joined
Microsoft at their Silicon Valley location, working on the Hotmail
platform for over 11 years. As a director of engineering, he oversaw an
overhaul of the storage, mobile, and abuse platforms so the product
could scale to the ever-changing needs and expectations of customers.
Today, he is a group manager on the OneDrive team and is responsible for
helping to evolve our cloud storage and productivity suites.

Time: Monday, October 17, 17:20pm – 19:20pm
Location: Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University, Room #S9
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