D3S Seminar – Department Meeting

The D3S Seminar is a regular meeting event of the department members and guest speakers. It is also a regular course Advanced Topics in Distributed and Component-Based Systems I, II (NSWI057, NSWI058). This course is recommended for Ph.D. and advanced graduate students.

Regular meetings take place on Tuesdays at 14:00 in S5 and Wednesdays at 9:00 in S5 (if not noted otherwise in the schedule below).

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Scheduled Seminars

2019-01-08 14:00 in S5: Navigation of Units in Video Games Using Flow Networks

Jan Pacovský

abstract to be announced

2019-01-15 14:00 in S5: topic to be announced

Rima Al-Ali

abstract to be announced

Past Seminars (one year back)

You can also view a verbose list of all past seminars.

Date Title Speaker(s) Details
2018-12-11 Deep Reinforcement Learning For Multi-Agent Domains Jiří Vinárek
2018-12-04 Runtime Checking of Privacy and Security Contracts in Dynamic Architectures Filip Kliber
2018-11-27 Targeting Uncertainty in Smart CPS by Confidence-based Logic Dominik Škoda
2018-11-21 Decomposing Farkas Interpolants Martin Blicha
2018-10-16 Effective and User-friendly Specification of Multi-Robot Missions Patrizio Pelliccione
2018-06-20 Networking real-time multiplayer games Filip Krijt
2018-06-05 Performance Awareness in Agile Software Development (defence rehearsal) Vojtěch Horký
2018-05-30 Data-Centric Computing Martin Děcký
(Huawei Technologies)
2018-05-29 Simplicitly: Foundations and Applications of Implicit Function Types Vlastimil Dort
2018-05-23 Frightening small children and disconcerting grown-ups: Concurrency in the Linux kernel Andrea Parri
2018-05-22 Performance Modelling of Smart Cyber-Physical Systems Vladimír Matěna
2018-05-15 Generalizing Uncertainty Across Domains in Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems Rima Al Ali
2018-05-09 Smart Home in VDM Natalia Cantavella Franch
(Erasmus student)
2018-05-02 Python for Data Analysis Iuliana Bocicor
(Babeş-Bolyai University, Romania)
2018-04-24 Abstractions and refinements in bounded model checking of software Martin Blicha
2018-04-18 Decentrally Coordinated Execution of Adaptations in Distributed Self-Adaptive Software Systems Dominik Škoda
2018-04-17 Recent developments in (multi)agent deep reinforcement learning Jiří Vinárek
2018-04-11 Timing and Availability Analysis of Mixed-Criticality Dependent Tasks with AADL Etienne Borde
(CNRS/Telecom ParisTech)
2018-04-10 Model Transformations and Management for Complex Systems Design with AADL and RAMSES Dominique Blouin
(Telecom ParisTech)
2018-03-28 Adaptive Dispatch: A Pattern for Performance-Aware Software Self-Adaptation (WOSP-C'18 rehearsal) Petr Kubát
2018-01-18 Database Programming – From Active Databases via NoSQL to Cloud Computing Oracle Researchers
2018-01-17 Hack into Your Compiler! Oracle Researchers
2018-01-16 Handling uncertainty in self-adaptive cyber-physical systems Rima Al Ali
2018-01-16 Parallel Distributed Processing of Big Data,Graphs - Parallel Graph AnalytiX (PGX) Oracle Researchers
2018-01-10 Index Checker Vlastimil Dort
2018-01-09 Adaptive Dispatch: A Pattern for Performance-Aware Software Self-Adaptation Petr Kubát
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