D3S Seminar – Department Meeting

The D3S Seminar is a regular meeting event of the department members and guest speakers. It is also a regular course Advanced Topics in Distributed and Component-Based Systems I, II (NSWI057, NSWI058). This course is recommended for Ph.D. and advanced graduate students.

Regular meetings take place on Tuesdays at 14:00 in S9 and Wednesdays at 9:00 in S5 (if not noted otherwise in the schedule below).

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Scheduled Seminars

2017-04-04 14:00 in S9: Scalable Constraint Solving

Antti Hyvärinen (USI Lugano)

Modeling systems and reasoning about their properties in an automatic and scalable way is increasingly important in a variety of modern applications. For such an approach to be successful it is necessary to find a compromise between the expressibility of the modeling language and the efficiency of the deduction engine. The Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) framework integrates a modeling language with the solving machinery, but provides little support for automatically adjusting the language to fit the needs of a particular modeling task. The proposed research answers this challenge through a natural combination of SMT theories and techniques for over-approximating and refining the model based on counter-examples that is at the same time capable of adjusting to a computing environment with a high degree of parallelism.

2017-04-11 14:00 in S9: Communication in intelligent ensembles

Vladimír Matěna

abstract to be announced

2017-04-25 14:00 in S9: Efficient Search for Concurrency Errors and Debugging

Pavel Parízek

abstract to be announced

2017-05-10 09:00 in S5: topic to be announced

Jakub Daniel

abstract to be announced

2017-05-16 14:00 in S9: topic to be announced

Rima Al Ali

abstract to be announced

2017-05-30 14:00 in S9: topic to be announced

Vlastimil Dort

abstract to be announced

Past Seminars (one year back)

You can also view a verbose list of all past seminars.

Date Title Speaker(s) Details
2017-03-14 Context-sensitive XSS Antonín Steinhauser
2017-03-01 MutRex: a mutation-based generator of fault detecting strings for regular expressions Paolo Arcaini
2017-02-22 Tutorial on formal methods II. Jan Kofroň
2017-01-10 Tutorial on performance evaluation: comparing alternatives Vojtěch Horký
2016-12-21 Property-directed Symbolic Model Checking of Safety Properties Jakub Daniel
2016-12-14 Atos training course Steffen Becker
(TU Chemnitz)
2016-12-13 Time Series Analysis to Architecture Modes in Smart Cyber Physical Systems Rima Al Ali
2016-12-06 Abstract Interpretation of Programs with Strings Vlastimil Dort
2016-11-22 Partial Variable Assignment Interpolants Martin Blicha
2016-11-16 Overview of the RoboCup Rescue Simulation challenge Jiří Vinárek
2016-11-15 gRPC - A solution for RPCs by Google Jan Tattermusch
2016-11-09 Tutorial on performance evaluation experiments in managed environments Petr Tůma
2016-11-01 Tutorial on formal methods I. Jan Kofroň
2016-10-25 Automated ensemble formation based on high-level DSL description and domain data Filip Krijt
2016-10-19 Nagini: Verifying Python Programs in Viper Marco Eilers
(ETH Zürich)
2016-10-19 Viper - A Verification Infrastructure for Permission-based Reasoning Malte Schwerhoff
(ETH Zürich)
2016-10-05 News in Java Petr Hnětynka
2016-06-28 String Analysis for Code Contracts Vlastimil Dort
2016-06-22 Narrowing the Uncertainty Gap between Software Models and Performance Results Catia Trubiani
(GSSI, Italy)
2016-06-14 Self-Adaptive Software Systems Danny Weyns
(Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Linnaeus University Sweden)
2016-06-01 Processes of Software Development and Maintenance Václav Rajlich
(Wayne State University, US)
2016-05-31 Autonomous Agent Behaviour Modelled in PRISM Ruth Hoffmann
(University of Glasgow, UK)
2016-05-24 SMT-based automatic proof of ASM model refinement Paolo Arcaini
2016-05-04 Benchmarking Dependability of Virtual and Cloud Environments Samuel Kounev
2016-04-26 Engineering Scalable Cloud Systems Steffen Becker
(TU Chemnitz, Germany)
2016-04-13 Report on paper: Ironclad Apps: End-to-End Security via Automated Full-System Verification Isidoro Grisanti
2016-04-12 Rules selection & Robot Soccer Strategies Václav Svatoň
(Technical University of Ostrava)
2016-03-29 Automatic Detection and Removal of Conformance Faults in Feature Models Paolo Arcaini
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