Journal article

SMT-based verification of program changes through summary repair
S. Asadi, M. Blicha, A. Hyvärinen, G. Fedyukovich, N. Sharygina
Formal Methods in System Design

This article provides an innovative approach for verification by model checking of programs that undergo continuous changes. To tackle the problem of repeating the entire model checking for each new version of the program, our approach verifies programs incrementally. It reuses computational history of the previous program version, namely function summaries. In particular, the summaries are over-approximations of the bounded program behaviors. Whenever reusing of summaries is not possible straight away, our algorithm repairs the summaries to maximize the chance of reusability of them for subsequent runs. We base our approach on satisfiability modulo theories (SMT) to take full advantage of lightweight modeling approach and at the same time the ability to provide concise function summarization. Our approach leverages pre-computed function summaries in SMT to localize the checks of changed functions. Furthermore, to exploit the trade-off between precision and performance, our approach relies on the use of an SMT solver, not only for underlying reasoning, but also for program modeling and the adjustment of its precision. On the benchmark suite of primarily Linux device drivers versions, we demonstrate that our algorithm achieves an order of magnitude speedup compared to prior approaches.

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