D3S Seminar – Department Meeting

The D3S Seminar is a regular meeting event of the department members and guest speakers. It is also a regular course Advanced Topics in Distributed and Component-Based Systems I, II (NSWI057, NSWI058). This course is recommended for Ph.D. and advanced graduate students.

Regular meetings take place on Tuesdays at 14:00 in S5 and Wednesdays at 9:00 in S5 (if not noted otherwise in the schedule below).

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Scheduled Seminars

2019-02-12 14:00 in S5: Role-based Development of Dynamically Evolving Ensembles

Rolf Hennicker (Ludwig Maximilian Universität Munich)

Ensembles are groups of active entities which collaborate to achieve certain goals. They are characterised by a highly dynamic and adaptive behaviour. Modelling software systems for ensemble execution is challenging since such applications involve complex interaction structures and dynamically changing architectures. Our approach is centered around the notion of a role such that a component can participate (possibly at the same time) in various ensembles under specific roles. In the first part of the talk we propose a development methodology starting from dynamic logic specifications of global interaction scenarios and ending with concrete, process-algebraic desciptions of local behaviours of ensemble participants. The ability of components to change roles is useful for modelling adaptive behaviour. In the second part of the the talk we propose a strategy to develop adaptive ensembles using a role-based adapatation pattern.

Past Seminars (one year back)

You can also view a verbose list of all past seminars.

Date Title Speaker(s) Details
2019-01-15 A Methodology for Handling Uncertainty in Self-Adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems Rima Al-Ali
2019-01-08 Navigation of Units in Video Games Using Flow Networks Jan Pacovský
2018-12-11 Deep Reinforcement Learning For Multi-Agent Domains Jiří Vinárek
2018-12-04 Runtime Checking of Privacy and Security Contracts in Dynamic Architectures Filip Kliber
2018-11-27 Targeting Uncertainty in Smart CPS by Confidence-based Logic Dominik Škoda
2018-11-21 Decomposing Farkas Interpolants Martin Blicha
2018-10-16 Effective and User-friendly Specification of Multi-Robot Missions Patrizio Pelliccione
2018-06-20 Networking real-time multiplayer games Filip Krijt
2018-06-05 Performance Awareness in Agile Software Development (defence rehearsal) Vojtěch Horký
2018-05-30 Data-Centric Computing Martin Děcký
(Huawei Technologies)
2018-05-29 Simplicitly: Foundations and Applications of Implicit Function Types Vlastimil Dort
2018-05-23 Frightening small children and disconcerting grown-ups: Concurrency in the Linux kernel Andrea Parri
2018-05-22 Performance Modelling of Smart Cyber-Physical Systems Vladimír Matěna
2018-05-15 Generalizing Uncertainty Across Domains in Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems Rima Al Ali
2018-05-09 Smart Home in VDM Natalia Cantavella Franch
(Erasmus student)
2018-05-02 Python for Data Analysis Iuliana Bocicor
(Babeş-Bolyai University, Romania)
2018-04-24 Abstractions and refinements in bounded model checking of software Martin Blicha
2018-04-18 Decentrally Coordinated Execution of Adaptations in Distributed Self-Adaptive Software Systems Dominik Škoda
2018-04-17 Recent developments in (multi)agent deep reinforcement learning Jiří Vinárek
2018-04-11 Timing and Availability Analysis of Mixed-Criticality Dependent Tasks with AADL Etienne Borde
(CNRS/Telecom ParisTech)
2018-04-10 Model Transformations and Management for Complex Systems Design with AADL and RAMSES Dominique Blouin
(Telecom ParisTech)
2018-03-28 Adaptive Dispatch: A Pattern for Performance-Aware Software Self-Adaptation (WOSP-C'18 rehearsal) Petr Kubát
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