Department of Distributed and Dependable Systems

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University

Our department is responsible for research and education in the advanced techniques for building reliable component-based software especially in the field of distributed and dependable systems, spanning from smart cyber-physical systems and IoT to cloud-based backends. Our research comprises advanced software architectures, adaptation, model-driven development, model-based testing, formal verification of software, performance measurement and modeling.

The vision pursued by our department is that of high-quality scientific research with strong industrial relevance, with the aim to enable rapid and cost-efficient production of complex and reliable software systems. To achieve this vision, our department actively collaborates on the national and international level with both academic and industrial partners.

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News from the department

Next D3S seminar by Andrej Pečimúth

10 October 2023

The next D3S seminar will be on Tuesday, 10 Tuesday at 14:00. Our guest is Andrej Pečimúth, talking about Remote JIT Compilation / Diagnosing Compiler Performance.

Write your own tiny programming system(s)!

9 October 2023

Come to the welcome lecture of our new course Write your own tiny programming system(s) on Monday, 9 October, 12:20 in S5. You will learn how LISP, Smalltalk, BASIC, F#, Excel or Prolog work by writing a tiny version on your own.

Online ML Self-adaptation in Face of Traps

1 September 2023

Our paper Online ML Self-adaptation in Face of Traps has been accepted to Proceedings of ACSOS 2023,Toronto, Canada.

Distinguished paper award

23 August 2023

CAV Distinguished Paper Award 2023 was given to Martin Blicha, Konstantin Britikov, and Natasha Sharygina for the paper The Golem Horn Solver.

Best paper award

12 July 2023

Best paper award at the 28th ACM (ITiCSE 2023) conference was given to Brom, Drobná, Hannemann, Ježek, Kačerovská and Volná for Principles of Computers and the Internet – Model Lessons for Primary School Children: Experience Report.

Advanced operating systems

10 July 2023

Our unique Advanced operating systems course, built on strong academia-industry collaboration, has successfully concluded, with exclusive lectures by experts from SUSE (GNU/Linux), Google (Fuchsia) and Kernkonzept (L4Re).

SMT-based verification of program changes through summary repair

4 May 2023

Our paper SMT-based verification of program changes through summary repair has been accepted to Formal Methods in System Design.

Slicito: Using Computational Notebooks for Program Comprehension

1 May 2023

Our paper Slicito: Using Computational Notebooks for Program Comprehension has been accepted to 2023 IEEE/ACM 31st International Conference on Program Comprehension (ICPC).

The Golem Horn Solver

1 January 2023

Our paper The Golem Horn Solver has been accepted to Computer Aided Verification.