Name Description Contact
DiSL Aspect-oriented framework for Java bytecode instrumentation. Notable features include extensible pointcut model, efficient access to static and dynamic program context, and high degree of code coverage. Lubomír Bulej
HelenOS Portable research operating system based on microkernel multiserver design paradigms and built using fine-grained software components. HelenOS is flexible, modular, extensible, fault-tolerant and easy to understand. Martin Děcký, Vojtěch Horký
Weverca Static analysis framework for web applications written in PHP. The aim of the framework is to allow easy specification of precise static analyses. Jan Kofroň
PANDA Predicate Abstraction in Dynamic Analysis Jakub Daniel, Pavel Parízek
Endicheck Dynamic analysis for detecting endianness bugs Roman Kápl, Pavel Parízek
Name Description Contact
COMBAT Component Behavior Analysis Toolset Pavel Parízek
IDLtester Tool for testing OMG IDL compilers. Generates random IDL files of preset complexity together with code that uses the IDL compiler output. This helps check both parsing and code generation. Petr Tůma
JPF-static Practical verification using static analysis and Java Pathfinder Pavel Parízek