Journal article

Lessons Learned from Implementing the CORBA Persistent Object Service
J. Kleindienst, F. Plášil, P. Tůma
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 31 (10)

In this paper, the authors share their experiences gathered during the design and implementation of the CORBA Persistent Object Service. There are two problems related to a design and implementation of the Persistence Service: first, OMG intentionally leaves the functionality core of the Persistence Service unspecified; second, OMG encourages reuse of other Object Services without being specific enough in this respect. The paper identifies the key design issues implied both by the intentional lack of OMG specification and the limits of the implementation environment characteristics. At the same time, the paper discusses the benefits and drawbacks of reusing other Object Services, particularly the Relationship and Externalization Services, to support the Persistence Service. Surprisingly, the key lesson learned is that a direct reuse of these Object Services is impossible.

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