Proceedings paper

The neglected but crucial role of mathematical statistics in the education of software experts
J. Král, M. Žemlička, A. Koubková
Proceedings of UICEE

The problems encountered in the collaboration of developers and users in the management of collaboration are the main source of software project failures, imperfections and development losses. Developers must understand the user knowledge area. The condition for this and for good management is the ability to understand and use mathematical statistics, and to be able to apply attitudes of experimental sciences. Many computer science students underestimate user knowledge, communication with users and dislike mathematical statistics. Preventing this attitude (called hacker syndrome) can be achieved (besides training communication skills) by reflecting on the fact that mathematical statistics is an important toot in computer science. Mathematical statistics can help students understand a user's needs and knowledge. Examples of applications of mathematical statistics in software development should be included into lectures on programming, operation systems, databases, etc. Lectures on statistics should be an important and well-integrated component of the computer science curricula, and should include software-oriented examples. The use of statistical tools can thus weaken the hacker syndrome.

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