Semester: winter 2023/24
Labs: Thu 10:40, S6 (Pavel Parízek)
Page in SIS: NSWI126
Grading: Credit

The goal of this course is to show selected advanced tools, which may help you to solve more complex problems in the process of software development and maintenance, and basic principles of their functioning (internals, technical details).

Important news


This course is intended especially for students enrolled to the first year of the Master’s programme in computer science, who already have:

In addition, we expect knowledge of common tools used in software development at the level of the course Software Development Tools.


Date Topic
5.10.2023 Organization
12.10.2023 program analysis tools
19.10.2023 Docker | GitLab CI (example repo) | moq
26.10.2023 Postman | Chocolatey
9.11.2023 SonarQube | Axon Framework | Github Actions (repo with examples)
16.11.2023 Selenium | Project Lombok (repo with examples) \ Nix & NixOs
23.11.2023 Kubernetes (Ondřej Šerý, EyeTowers): slides, demo
30.11.2023 JIRA | HashiCorp Terraform | Approval Tests
7.12.2023 Challenge
14.12.2023 current trends
21.12.2023 ---
4.1.2024 runtime monitoring
11.1.2024 property-based testing (Martin Janiczek, extern, resources)


Questionnaire to be used for evaluating presentations: evalform.txt