Semester: winter 2021/22
Lectures: Monday, 10:40 – 13:50, S4 (odd weeks only (even calendar weeks)) (Lukáš ProkopJan Kofroň)
Page in SIS: NPRG056
Grading: Credit

Previous year: 2020/21



The goal of the course is to provide an overview of basic concepts and current trends in mobile application development. The architecture and development principles of the leading mobile platform – Android. The course will take the from of a tutorial, where the concepts will be presented using real mobile apps. Students will work in small teams (2-3 members each) on a project to get a real experience with the selected platforms during the semester.

The project schedule follows:

Only if following the aforementioned schedule, the students can be granted credits. The specification is to be submitted to Jan Kofroň.


Date Title Downloads
11. 10. 2021 Android 1: History, Kotlin slides
25. 10. 2021 Android 2: Basics, Activity slides
8. 11. 2021 Android 3: Fragments, Notifications, Data persistence slides
22. 11. 2021 Android 4: ViewModels/LifeData, Adapters, Broadcasts, Scheduling, Services slides
6. 12. 2021 Android 5: Threading, Coroutines slides
20. 12. 2021 Android 6: Release process slides