Lectures: 14:00, S6 (Štěpán Šindelář (Oracle Labs))
Page in SIS: NPRG076
Grading: Graded credit


Introduction to the operation and implementation of virtual machines and managed runtime environments. Can Java be faster than C? Is interpretation ever better than just-in-time compilation? Apart from identifying and cleaning up unreachable objects, what does the garbage collector overhead consist of?

The course is suitable for students who would like to either specialize in this topic, or expand their awareness of how the systems they normally use work.

Topics covered


The course will alternate between lectures and labs, with lectures covering generic topics and labs focusing on practical problems. The implementation language for the labs is Java. However, only basic knowledge of the most common Java language constructs is necessary.

Credit will be given for:

The final grade is determined by the percentage of points gained from all assignments as shown in the following table:

≥ 87% 1
≥ 73% 2
≥ 60% 3
< 60% fail