The reviews for your API have been pushed to a separate branch (called api-review) of your code repository (in the task-1 group). You should merge this branch to your master branch at your convenience and delete the source branch. The reviews will be located in the .nprg043/review directory.

Your next task is to prepare a short presentation of your API, commit (at least) a PDF version of the presentation into your code repository and give a short talk about your API during the labs.

Please note that this task should be done in approximately 1 week.


  • Create a 5 to 7-minute presentation of your API
    • Not enough time: avoid general introduction
  • Key use cases driving your requirements
    • What do you want/don’t want to support
  • Provide an overview of API usage
    • Demonstrate key concepts on the time command
    • Briefly mention advanced concepts if any
  • Present highlights of your design
    • How do you make life easier for users?
  • Incorporate comments from reviews
    • Respond to the most important ones
  • Avoid black background
    • Makes the presentation difficult to view


Submit the presentation through your code repository (in the task-1 group) as a single PDF file named api-design.pdf placed in the .nprg043/presentations directory (i.e., the path from the repository root is .nprg043/presentations/api-design.pdf). You may want to keep a copy of the presentation elsewhere in the project if you want it to be part of the project structure (including source files used to produce the PDF), but the api-design.pdf file must be present in the .nprg043/presentations directory at deadline.

Full points will be awarded only if you submit presentation on time AND you give a talk during the labs.

Please do tag your submission using the task-3-submission tag.

Because your code will be exported to other teams (to implement tests), also tag the state the version of your master that you want to export to others in Task #4 using the task-4-export tag before the start of Task #4.

Split teams

If your team is split between two lab classes, please send an e-mail to the course instructor indicating during which lab class would you prefer to give your talk. Please note that your preference may be overriden for “load-balancing” purposes (if too many split teams wish to present in the same class).