Semester: summer 2023/24
Labs: Thursday 14:00 - 15:30, S9 (every two weeks) (Pavel Šimerda)
Page in SIS: NPRG074
Grading: Credit


Rust is a modern programming language that comes with extensive safety features built right into the compilation process. It is suitable for safety-critical libraries and industrial applications while providing a relatively friendly way to develop any type of software.


Date Content File
2024-02-29 Parallel Programming
Refresher from the introductory course - More parallel programming techniques.
2024-03-14 Borrow Checker recording
2024-03-28 Macros slides recording
2024-04-11 Libraries and Testing recording
2024-04-25 Unsafe slides recording
2024-05-09 System Programming
System Programming recording


Credit is awarded for homework assignments in ReCodEx, 36 out of 60 points are required. Check the Cargo.toml file for the list of available libraries.