Other tasks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

General notes

Use your GitLab repository to submit your solutions. Please, use exact filenames as specified in the task name.

Please, respect language requirements of individual tasks. For Python, we expect Python 3 as the default (if you really need to use Python 2, use a proper shebang). For shell scripts, we expect that you will use Bash although none of the tasks requires any use of Bashisms for an efficient solution.

Deadline for this set of tasks is 2020-03-20 AoE, it is required to get at least 6 points from this group.

Tasks description

01/wm.txt (3 points)

Spend some non-trivial amount of time in the following window managers (WM): Gnome, KDE, lxde, MATE, openbox, Xfce. Choose 2 most favorite WMs and write what you like/dislike about them and why you use them. Save the text to 01/wm.txt in your GitLab and limit the number of characters per line to 80. In the last paragraph write down, why do you think it is a good idea to limit the number of characters per line in the text file.

01/shortcuts.txt (2 points)

Learn how to create a keyboard shortcut in your favorite WM. Create a shortcut for at least starting web browser, file manager, text editor and terminal emulator. Good shortcut for an terminal emulator execution is usually Alt+Enter or something similar. Describe the process of creating a shortcut in the text file 01/shortcuts.txt and specify, what shortcut you chose for what concrete application.

01/mail.txt (2 points)

Search for articles describing how to write proper emails, why is HTML email bad idea, what are different styles of responses and how mailing list works and what is good for. Write down the summary and express your opinion on the information you learned.

01/afs.txt (1 point)

Write absolute path to your home directory on Rotunda machines (note that it shall be the same on all Linux machines). Do not forget to use proper slashes.

01/tac_rev.py (2 points)

Write a Python program that reverses contents of the (standard) input. The program will print each line in reverse and also reverse the order of lines (last line in input is printed first).