Information about course

Semester:winter 2015/2016
Lecture:9:00 Tue, S3
Practicals:14:00 Mon, SU2
 12:20 Tue, SU2
 12:20 Wed, SU2
 15:40 Wed, SU2, this practical is in English!!!
 9:00 Fri, SU2
Hours/week:2/2 ZK/Z
Lecturer:Petr Hnětynka
email: hnetynka _at_
Previous year:winter semester 2014/2015


  • Practicals start after the first lecture
  • Practicals are in the Unix computer lab
  • Sign yourself to a practical using the information system
    • who is not signed to a practical within first three weeks of the semester will not receive "zápočet"
  • Information for those who repeats the course or does not want to attend the practicals
    • if you repeat the course and you have fulfilled some requirements of the course and you do not want to attend the practicals, then sign yourself to the special "virtual" practical
      • if you repeat the course but you want to attend a "regular" practical, of course you can
    • the requirements you fulfilled previous year can be accepted (but only in the scope of a single study)
      • explicitly write about it to the teacher of the particular practical
      • if you did not write the home project program, the topic is not automatically accepted
        • but it is not necessary to think out a new one; you can propose the original one
    • if you do not repeat the course but do not want to attend practicals, you can also sign yourself to the "virtual" practical
    • for the "virtual" practical, there are the same requirements and deadline as for the "regular" ones
    • "recipe" for the "virtual" practical
      • sign yourself to the "virtual" practical
      • write an email to the teacher of the "virtual" practical (Petr Hnetynka)
        • if you repeat the course, write about already fulfilled requirements
        • if you do not repeat the course, propose a topic of the home project program
      • work on homeworks

Exam and "zápočet"


Practical 16.10.2015 — 12.10.2015CZEN
Classes, interfaces, arrays, Strings13.10.2015CZEN
Practical 213.10.2015 — 19.10.2015CZEN
Exceptions, Unicode, literals, inner classes20.10.2015CZEN
Practical 320.10.2015 — 26.10.2015CZEN
Assertions, Generics, Enum, VarArgs27.10.2015CZEN
Practical 427.10.2015 — 2.11.2015CZEN
Annotations, lambdas, tools3.11.2015CZEN
Practical 53.11.2015 — 9.11.2015CZEN
Practical 610.11.2015 — 16.11.2015CZEN
jar, threads, java.lang.24.11.2015CZEN
Practical 724.11.2015 — 30.11.2015CZEN
StringBuffer, Collections, java.util.stream1.12.2015CZEN
Practical 81.12.2015 — 7.12.2015CZEN
Serialization, Preferences, Network communications, Date/Time, Localisation8.12.2015CZEN
Practical 98.12.2015 — 15.12.2015CZEN
Swing — introduction, layouts15.12.2015CZEN
Practical 1015.12.2015 — 20.12.2015CZEN
Swing (threads, dialogs), Applets, JNLP22.12.2015CZEN
Practical 1122.12.2015 — 4.1.2016CZEN
Swing (own painting)5.1.2016CZEN
Practical 125.1.2016 — 11.1.2016CZEN
Swing, Logging12.1.2016CZEN
Practical 1312.1.2016 — 15.1.2016CZEN

Examples shown during lecture and practicals

Hello world, operators, owerflows,...6.10.2015 — 12.10.2015
Constructors, finalize, String compatrison,...13.10.2015 — 19.10.2015  NetBeans project
Exceptions, unicode, encoding, main,...20.10.2015 — 26.10.2015  NetBeans project
Assert, JDK 5 additions,...27.10.2015 — 2.11.2015  NetBeans project
Ant3.11.2015 — 9.11.2015
Input/Output10.11.2015 — 16.11.2015  NetBeans project
Treads, clone, equals24.11.2015 — 30.11.2015  NetBeans project
Collections, java.util.stream1.12.2015 — 7.12.2015  NetBeans project
Serialization, Preferences, Net, Date/Time, Localization8.12.2015 — 15.12.2015  NetBeans project
Swing15.12.2015 — 20.12.2015  NetBeans project
Swing 222.12.2015 — 4.1.2016  NetBeans project
Swing (own painting)5.1.2016 — 11.1.2016  NetBeans project
Swing 3, logging12.1.2016 — 15.1.2016  NetBeans project