Semester: Both semesters
Page in SIS: NPRG045
Grading: Credit


In the summer semester of the second year, the bachelor student starts working on the individual software project (the student can enroll to the course in the winter semester too). In the case of a larger project, the student is expected to continue working on the project in the scope of bachelor thesis; in such a case, the goal of the invidiual software project is just to write a specification and prepare a beta version of the sowftware, while the final implementation is done in the fifth semester as a bachelor thesis.

If a students wants to create just a smaller software project without a connection to the bachelor thesis, then it is necessary to submit a finished work, i.e., both software and documentation, during the second year.

The progress on individual software project is individual and depends on the supervisor.


Note that all the files in this sections are in Czech only. If you need to explain their content, please contact you project supervisor.