1. Intro and GUI (Feb 17 – Feb 21)

Before class

  • What is Linux? What is GNU/Linux? What devices are suitable for running Linux? How old is Linux?
  • Refresh your knowledge about networking (IP address, subnet mask, port, router, switch/bridge …).
  • Refresh your knowledge about API for file I/O in Python.


  • Introduction to GNU/Linux graphical interface.
  • Logging-in to the machines in SU labs and in Rotunda.
  • File system structure.
  • Using clipboard.
  • Introduction to GitLab.


  1. Choose a suitable text (source code) editor (GUI one), learn how to use it effectively.
  2. Set-up your desktop environment:
    • Choose which window manager suites you the most.
    • Set keyboard shortcuts to start terminal emulator, browser etc.
    • Tune used fonts and colors.