Semester: summer 2021/22
Lectures: Cancelled, replaced with before class reading.
  Monday, 9:00, N11 (Vojtěch Horký)
  Monday, 14:00, N8 (Lukáš Ondráček)
  Monday, 14:00, N11 (Tomáš Volf)
  Monday, 15:40, N11 (Jakub Galgonek)
  Tuesday, 10:40, N11 (Jakub Galgonek)
  Tuesday, 12:20, N11 (Vojtěch Horký)
  Tuesday, 14:00, N10 (Danylo Khalyeyev)
  Wednesday, 14:00, N11 (David Čepelík)
  Wednesday, 15:40, N11 (David Čepelík)
  Thursday, 9:00, N8 (Zdeněk Kasner)
  Friday, 9:00, N11 (Martin Mareš)
  Friday, 9:00, N8 (Jan Uhlík)
  Friday, 10:40, N8 (Jan Uhlík)
  Use virtual lab 21bNSWI177x17 if you do not plan to attend in person.
Page in SIS: NSWI177
Grading: Graded credit
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The goal of the course is to acquaint students with the principles of work in a Linux operating system. The course focuses primarily on the practical aspects of working in a UNIX-like environment and basic administration tasks. The graduates are expected to be capable of installing, configuring, and (with the use of scripting) effectively using tools and services that serve as the basis of a modern software development infrastructure.


  • Basic concepts. Filesystem. Users, groups, and permissions.
  • Administration basics. System installation. Software package management. Network interface configuration.
  • Work on remote machines. Authentication, private keys. Data transfer.
  • Shell environment. Scripting, regular expressions and text processing.
  • Software development infrastructure. Build systems. Version management systems and services.

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