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Refereed (journals/proceedings) (4)

Link Bulej L., Bureš T., Horký V., Kotrč J., Marek L., Trojánek T., Tůma P.: Unit testing performance with Stochastic Performance Logic,
In Automated Software Engineering, Volume 24, Issue 1, Springer, pp. 139-187, ISSN: 0928-8910, January 2016
Link Horký V., Libič P., Marek L., Steinhauser A., Tůma P.: Utilizing Performance Unit Tests To Increase Performance Awareness,
In proceedings of the 6th ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE), Austin, Texas, USA, ACM, ISBN: 978-1-4503-3248-4, pp. 289-300, January 2015
PDF, Link Bulej L., Bureš T., Gerostathopoulos I., Horký V., Keznikl J., Marek L., Max Tschaikowski, Mirco Tribastone, Tůma P.: Supporting Performance Awareness in Autonomous Ensembles,
Software Engineering for Collective Autonomic Systems: Results from the ASCENS Project. no. 8998 in LNCS, pp. 291-322, Springer, 2015
PDF, Link Marek L., Zheng Y., Ansaloni D., Bulej L., Sarimbekov A., Binder W., Tůma P.: Introduction to Dynamic Program Analysis with DiSL,
In Science of Computer Programming, 5th Special Issue on Experimental Software and Toolkits, Volume 98, Part 1, Elsevier, ISSN 0167-6423, pp. 100-115, February 2015

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